Erase Bullying

Bullying & Caddo Parish Public Schools

No forms of bullying shall be permitted or condoned by the Caddo Parish School Board. All students, teachers, and other school employees shall take reasonable measures within the scope of their individual authority to prevent violations of this policy. To read more on the policy, view the Caddo Parish School Board Policy Manual. You can also visit to learn how to be more than a bystander and what you can do to address bullying in your community or call the Bullying Helpline at 318-603-6484.

Examples Of Bullying

Bullying can take on many different forms. Listed below are different types of bullying that can happen and with each type are a few examples that can be associated with that type.

Physical Bullying Examples:

  • Causing Physical Injuries

  • Stealing

  • Punching

  • Shoving

  • Fighting

  • Slapping

  • Debagging

  • Wedgies

  • Attacking

  • School Pranks

  • Teasing and Abusing

Emotional or Indirect Bullying Examples:

  • Spreading Rumors

  • Instigating or participating in Keeping certain people out of the “group” (exclusion)

  • Instigating or participating in”Ganging Up” on someone

  • Ignoring people on purpose – “the silent treatment”

  • Harassment

  • Provocation

  • Whispering to another in front of someone -whispering campaign

  • Keeping secrets away from a so-called friend

Verbal Bullying Examples:

  • Teasing people in a mean way, or cussing someone

  • Name Calling

  • Mean comments (about clothing, looks, body, anything else)

  • Tormenting

  • Harassing

  • Profanity

Cyber Bullying Examples:

  • Mean spirited e-mail

  • Inappropriate or mean spirited posts to blogs or other websites

  • Using someone else’s name to spread rumors or lies

  • Mean spirited cell phone communications (text, picture, video, calls)


Recognizing A Pattern

Bullying is a form of abuse. It is comprised of repeated acts over time that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power with the more powerful individual or group abusing those who are less powerful. The power imbalance may be social power and/or physical power. Forms of bullying include but or not limited to physical, emotional, verbal, electronic (cyber), and sexual.